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For over 100 years, Radio Holland has been the maritime industry’s most trusted brand in navigation and communication equipment and service.

Today, our Ship to Shore Satellite Airtime Plans help you make the best choice for your vessels and your business. Radio Holland’s Ship to Shore satellite communication solutions offers two key benefits:

• Gives fleet managers greater ability to oversee operations, just as though their ships are part of a single digital network.
• Offers seafarers and passengers a familiar way to stay in touch with their family ashore, just as though they are using the Internet at home.

Our Airtime Packages






Coverage Gloabal or Regional Regional Global including Polar Global
             Speeds      Upto 8 Mbps 1Mbps, 2Mbps, 4Mbps & 10Mbps         128 Kbps    32 to 432 Kbps
Commited Information Rate 512 Kbps and greater
Monthly Data Unlimited Unlimited Flexible Plans Available Up to 12 GB
Antenna Size 80, 100 & 130 cm 60, 80 & 100 cm Iridium 0.57m 20-63 cm
Voice Lines 2 2 3 1-9
Service / Support 24/7 Service Included 24/7 Service Included 24/7 Service available upon request 24/7 Service available upon request
Back up Iridium Open Port Iridium Open Port
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