12 July 2017

Radio Holland hosted an event which took place on board of the historical ship ss Rotterdam, in the port where Radio Holland has its headquarters.

Paul Smulders, CEO of Radio Holland, welcomed the Mayor of Rotterdam, Ing. A. Aboutaleb and presented the Mayor with the first edition of ‘A century Radio Holland, 1916-2016’.

Mr Smulders, said: “Radio Holland is 100 years young! We have a rich history, full of unique moments and milestones. At the same time we always look ahead. For example with developments and innovations in remote monitoring, connectivity and ICT on board.”

The company is aiming to help its customers to manage operations as efficiently, safely and effectively as possible.It has announced the start of its anniversary year, where it will celebrate its anniversary at various moments and events around the world.

“We celebrated the 100th anniversary on the historical ship ss Rotterdam. We welcomed a group of esteemed guests: top management of customers, ship owners, ship management companies and yards, key suppliers, classification societies, Royal Netherlands Navy, branch organizations, the CIRM and former directors of our company,” said Mr Smulders.

He concluded: “Their overwhelming presence today shows the close bonds Radio Holland has in the market. I was especially proud to welcome the Mayor of Rotterdam, Ing. A. Aboutaleb, as our guest of honour. It was my pleasure to present the Mayor with the first book ‘A Century Radio Holland, 1916-2016’. It is a unique book, describing the history of our company in text and visual in a beautiful way.”

By Marinelink December 8, 2016.

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