Radio Holland USA connects customers to an unrivaled worldwide network

Radio Holland USA delivers unique technical service expertise which helps customers run smarter, more profitable businesses with less downtime and lower operational expenditures.

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23 August 2017

Radio Holland now also present in Rio Grande, Brazil

Radio Holland has created a third operating base in Brazil, Rio Grande, to serve a growing number of ...

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12 July 2017

Radio Holland, Cisco Partner to Spur Maritime Digitization

Radio Holland Group has signed a strategic agreement with American ICT company Cisco. The aim of the cooperation is to help accelerate digitization in the maritime sector by developing ...

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Radio Holland USA, as a key part of the renowned Radio Holland global service network, is committed to providing our customers unrivaled customer service and support for their on board Navigation, Satellite and Radio Communications equipment, regulatory compliance and Information and Communication and Technology (ICT) needs. In line with our Groups Mission and Vision, Radio Holland USA strives to provide our customers with the expertise and solutions to enable them to operate their vessels in a safe and efficient way, while enabling them to manage life cycle costs and total cost of Ownership. Our approach is to form partnerships with our customers and become a vital part of their operational support network.

Fergus Campbell, GM of Radio Holland USA & Canada

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